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The main cast of characters in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is formed of a group known as Ecclesia that inhabit near Wygol Village. These individuals have extreme affinities toward magic and as such their research is highly regarded due to the potential of inventing something strong enough to eradicate Dracula for good.


[edit] Shanoa

A beautiful young woman who joined Ecclesia at a young age. She has the unique ability of being able to channel magic through powerful spells know as glyphs that are absorbed upon her body. In fact, she is a vessel for the ability and the only known person possessing this trait. All her life she has been training constantly to battle Dracula in the hopes that his dirge of darkness may be cut from the land for all eternity.

Possessing no memories of her past, Shanoa is the protagonist whom the player will control.

[edit] Albus

Albus is a childhood friend of Shanoa who would always stick up for her in their youth. He is a member of Ecclesia that exercises a distinct interest in research to the point where he has become Barlowe's assistant. Weilding the charmed firearm, Agartha, he can harness the ability of glyphs to fire them off as deadly projectiles.

He is seen as the antagonist of the game, having taken control of the Dominus magic after erupting in anger at having not been selected as the vessel. Stealing the magic, he leads Shanoa on a journey across the tainted land in an effort to recover the stolen magic.

[edit] Barlowe

Founder, and the revered leader of Ecclesia, Barlowe formed the order in an effort to study glyphs that may assist to stop Dracula's revival. His research culminated in Dominus which he prays will be enough to stop the eternal night. He is supportive of Shanoa, gifting her with her very first glyph and providing training that will see her safely through the nest of demons outside the safety of Ecclesia's walls. But, as you go deeper into the places, uncoverig evry little clue you understand Barlowe's true plans for Dominus.

At various points through the game, Barlowe will provide insights and information on various elements and aspects of the game, when visited.

[edit] Dracula

Lord of Darkness, Dracula is the horror that awakens with the ascendance of Castlevania. With legions of demons and monsters at his behest, who will stop him now that the Belmont clan are not around to rise to the challenge?

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