Glyphs in Order of Ecclesia

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Glyphs are faint runic symbols found in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, yielded in one of two ways; via the defeat of an enemy, or by locating them in specific locations. Formed of ancient magic, these symbols when attached to the body, grant Shanoa magical powers. Individually these sych Glyphs can be equipped to either arm and the back respectively. However, the two arm Glyphs may also be combined to create a much more powerful effect.

These said Glyphs can be absorbed by merely being in the presence of one and pressing up on the D-Pad. Shanoa will draw back her hair, revealing her naked back which draws the Glyph into her very being.

The use of a Glyph does not come without toll. The use of a single Glyph will drain a portion of Shanoa's replenishable MP. When combining two Glyphs together for a more powerful attack, the use of Hearts will come into effect. Whilst these are also replenishable, this is only done by means of collecting them, or using items as opposed to MP which regenerates naturally.

[edit] List of Glyphs

Name Type MP Cost Description
Confodore Rapier 5 A Rapier Glyph
Vol Confodore Rapier 10 A powerful Rapier Glyph
Melio Confodore Rapier 15 Superier Rapier Glyph
Secare Sword 5 A Sword Glyph
Vol Secare Sword 10 A powerful Sword Glyph
Culter Knife 8 A Knife Glyph
Macir Hammer 5 A Hammer Glyph
Vol Macir Hammer 10 A powerful Hammer Glyph
Hasta Lance 5 A Lance Glyph
Vol Hasta Lance 10 A powerful Lance Glyph
Ascia Axe 15 An Axe Glyph
Vol Ascia Axe 30 A powerful Axe Glyph
Arcus Bow 15 A Bow Glyph
Vol Arcus Bow 15 This bow Glyph fires diagonally
Melio Arcus Bow 25 A Bow Glyph that targets enemies automatically
Falcis Sickle 5 A Sickle Glyph
Vol Falcis Sickle 10 A powerful Sickle Glyph
Scutum Shield 5 A Shield Glyph
Vol Scutum Shield 5 A powerful Shield Glyph
Torpor Magic 20 A Glyph that incapacitates opponents
Cubus Magic 20 A Glyph that creates stones
Fulgar Magic 25 Summon a ball of lightning
Vol Fulgar Magic 40 Call forth shocking electricity
Luminatio Magic 25 Call forth a ball of light
Vol Luminato Magic 40 Call a ball of light that tracks enemies
Grando Magic 25 Call forth freezing ice
Vol Grando Magic 40 Create pillars of ice
Umbra Magic 25 Command the malice of the dead
Vol Umbra Magic 40 Command the powers of darkness
Nitesco Magic 20 Concentrate magic energy into a destructive beam
Ignis Magic 25 Call forth burning flames
Vol Ignis Magic 40 Create pillars of fire
Pneuma Magic 25 This Glyph creates squalls to sweep enemies away
Acerbatus Magic 44 Calls forth the power of spite
Globus Magic 50 Unleash an energy sphere
Dextro Custos Magic 16 Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell
Fortis Fio Status 80 Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance
Fides Fio Status 80 Temporarily increases MIND and magic resistance
Fidelis Caries Summon 60 Summon zombies that fight to the death
Fidelis Aranea Summon 80 Summon skull spiders to skitter about when needed
Fidelis Noctua Summon 80 Summon owls to soundlessly descend
Fidelis Polkir Summon 80 Summon Polkir to descend on your enemies
Arma Chiroptera Transform 80 Grants bat-like abilities
Arma Felix Transform 80 Grants cat-like abilities
Magnes Field 5 Create an attractive magnetic field
Paries Field 5 Pass through solid walls in specific locations
Inire Pecunia Effect 80 Temporarily increase the amount of money received from enemies
Refectio Effect 80 Increases the rate of physical regeneration
Dominus Hatred Dominus 66 One piece of Dominus; summons a pillar of light
Dominus Anger Dominus 66 One piece of Dominus; unleashes a cluster of energy
Dominus Agony Dominus 66 One piece of Dominus; shrouds you in Dracula's magic

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