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Items in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia are categorised as those found within treasure chests, or dropped by monsters that can either be used as a once off to heal Shanoa, or given to specific villagers for the fulfillment of certain quests.

Name Buy Sell Found Description
Potion 500  ??? Wygol Village store, Kalidus Channel Restores 50 HP
Super Potion  ??? 7500 Kalidus Channel Restores all HP
Tonic 300  ??? Wygol Village store, Tristis Pass Restores some of your MP
High Tonic  ??? 200 Wygol Village store Restores a lot of your MP
Heart Repair  ???  ??? Monastery Restores lost hearts
Anti-Venom  ??? 25 Monastery, Minera Prison Island
Kalidus Channel, Skull Spider
Removes poison from your body
Uncurse Potion  ??? 25 Wygol Village store, Skeleton Cave Dispels curses
Mocha Eclair  ???  ??? Irina A pastry with a hint of coffee flavouring
Tart Tatin  ???  ??? Irina In apple tarts, upside-down is rightside-up!
Cream Puff  ???  ??? Dracula's Castle A light pastry prepared with fresh custard
Magical Ticket 100 25 Monastery, Wygol Village store, Ruvas Forest, Minera Prison Island A one-way pass to return to the village immediately
Rotten Meat N/A 1 Zombie Your ticket to a brand new echelon of stomach problems
Spoiled Milk N/A  ??? Ghoul It's milk you can chew!
Meat 290 72 Monastery, Wygol Village store, Merman, Ruvas Forest Restores 29 HP. Yummy!
Raw Killer Fish  ???  ??? Killer Fish This looks delicious! ...Where did you get it?
Croquet Monsieur N/A 245 Ladycat A broiled ham and cheese sandwich
Corn Soup 150 37 Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Aeon
The croutons are prepared with an old family recipe
Minestrone 600 150 Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Aeon
Hearty vegetable bean soup in a tomato broth
Ramen Noodles 800  ??? Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Aeon
Pork ramen, medium oil, heavy seasoning
Scnitzel  ???  ??? Mystery Manor A thin Viennese cutlet
Killer Fish BBQ  ???  ??? Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Aeon
Killer fish, lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection
Coffee  ??? 57 Wygol Village This bitter blend uses authentic Transylvanian beans
Earl Grey  ???  ??? Grave Digger Black tea scented with bergamot
Milk  ??? 37 Wygol Village Low-fat milk. Two percent, to be exact
Amanita  ???  ???  ??? Looks harmless, but appearances can be deadly poisonous
Red Drops  ???  ??? Monastery Increases your flame attribute points
Black Drops  ???  ??? Giant's Dwelling Increases your darkness attribute points
White Drops  ???  ??? Misty Forest Road, Dracula's Castle Increases your light attribute points
Salt  ??? 25 Fish Head Simple rock salt
Mushroom N/A  ??? Tymeo Mountains This delicate mushroom is meant to stimulate the appetite
Sage N/A 25 Minera Prison Island, Skeleton Cave, Misty Forest Road Medicinal herbs from a purple-flowered plant
Chamomile N/A 75 Kalidus Channel, Minera Prison Island, Tymeo Mountains, Somnus Reef Sweetly scented herbs with medical properites
Rue N/A 125 Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass, Argila Swamp A medicinal herb native to southern Europe
Mandrake Root N/A  ??? Mandragora Commonly used in many rituals and ceremonies
Cotton Thread N/A 100 Monastery, Kalidus Channel, Minera Prison Island A strong cotton thread. Careful how you wash it
Silk Thread N/A 200 Skeleton Cave, Misty Forest Road Who doesn't love smooth, beautiful silk?
Cashmere Thread N/A 400 Misty Forest Road, Skeleton Cave, White Fomor Cashmere thread of the highest quality
Copper Ore N/A 75 Axe Knight, Spear Guard A chunk of copper ore
Iron Ore N/A 200 Minera Prison Island, Kalidus Channel, Tymeo Mountains, Automaton ZX26, Rock Knight Iron ore is part of a balanced blacksmith
Silver Ore N/A 300 Somnus Reef, Tristis Pass, Tymeo Mountains, Skeleton Cave, Dracula's Castle, Owl Knight An ore containing the finest silver
Gold Ore N/A  ??? Mystery Manor This ore is as valuable as it is heavy
Zircon N/A 75 Tristis Pass, Merman, Argila Swamp A beautiful yellow gemstone
Lapis Lazuli N/A 175 Ruvas Forest, Kalidus Channel, Tymeo Mountains, Skeleton Cave Lapis Lazuli is widely used, from sculpture to jewelry
Sapphire N/A 500 Kalidus Channel, Somnus Reef, Dracula's Castle A valuable gemstone from the depths of the earth
Emerald N/A 500 Kalidus Channel, Dracula's Castle A mesmerizing green jewel
Ruby N/A 500 Tymeo Mountains, Tristis Pass, Dracula's Castle A highly-valuable, deep red gemstone
Onyx N/A  ??? Tristis Pass Agate with a rich, dark color
Chrysoberyl N/A  ??? Tymeo Mountains A chrysoberyl cats-eye jewel
Diamond N/A  ??? Oblivion Ridge A ghoul's best friend
Horse Hair N/A 125 Nightmare Horsehair is used in bows for stringed instruments
Black Ink N/A  ??? Dark Octopus Black ink extracted from an octopus
Mouse N/A N/A Kalidus Channel Tom seems to want this
Cat Collar  ???  ??? Made by Daniela It's a cat collar made of Chrysoberyl
Phonograph N/A N/A George Borrowed to record the Banshee's cry
Sketchbook N/A  ??? Daniela A grandmother's gift to her favourite grandchild
Lighthouse Art N/A N/A Lighthouse sketch It's a sketch I drew of the Lighthouse
Waterfall Art N/A N/A Tristis Pass sketch I sketched the waterfall. It's majesty really comes through
Church Art N/A N/A Oblivion Ridge sketch I think I recreated the church quite authentically
Camera N/A  ??? Marcel You're just borrowing it, so BE CAREFUL
Poor Photo N/A  ??? Use the Camera Whatever this was, it wasn't photographed well at all
Photo 1 N/A N/A Cave Troll
Use the Camera
A photo of that goat-sucking scamp, the Cave Troll
Photo 2 N/A N/A Jersey Devil
Use the Camera
From the pine barrens to your neck of the woods: Jersey Devil
"Frontier" Issue 1 120 47 Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Marcel
Shocking News!!! Cave Troll spotted at Peroli!
"Frontier" Issue 2  ???  ??? Wygol Village store
Unlocked by Marcel
Live and On the Prowl!! The Jersey Devil's Hot Body!
Record 1 N/A N/A Ecclesia Adjust the background music to your liking
Record 2 N/A N/A Wygol Village store
Unlocked by George
Adjust the background music to your liking
Record 3 N/A N/A Wygol Village store
Unlocked by George
Adjust the background music to your liking
Record 5 N/A N/A Ecclesia Adjust the background music to your liking

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