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There is a total of twenty (20) visitable locations within Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia which is set around the transylvanian countryside.


[edit] Ecclesia

The Ecclesia clan was created for the purpose of eradicating Dracula. To this end, they research glyphs and other magical techniques.

[edit] Wygol Village

Father Nikolai founded this sleepy village, and others soon followed. No, danger lurks in the surrounding wilderness and threatens Wygol's tranquility.

[edit] Ruvas Forest

An old, winding road from Wygol Village passes through this wood. Legends whisper that wayfarers lost along this forsaken path will find themselves in another world.

[edit] Monastery

As the monks fell to plague and more indulgent lifestyles, this sacred place fell into disrepair. Now, rumors suggest that criminals and strange creatures have taken refuge within its once-holy walls.

[edit] Kalidus Channel

The weather in this area changes suddenly and violently, due to strong winds from the south. These stormy conditions cause ships to capsize, sending their crews to a watery grave; doomed to wander a maze of undersea caverns for all eternity.

[edit] Minera Prison Island

This abandoned prison once housed petty thieves and criminals forgotten by society. The lighthouse on the island is still in service, and at times strange figures can be seen coming and going. What purpose have they for empty cells and forsaken souls?

[edit] Lighthouse

An important landmark for seafaring folk in nearby waters, this lighthouse is home to many riddles. Who built it? Who tends the light? Lately, even more mysteries have arisen, such as what causes the island to tremor and shake?

[edit] Tymeo Mountains

The Tymeo range is the largest in the region, rumoured to be a nesting ground for terrible creatures. Hikers foolish enough to traverse these peaks tell of strange howling that can be heard from the many caverns below.

[edit] Misty Forest Road

This forest path is enveloped in a thick fog, regardless of the season. The mists whisper to unwary travellers, swallowing them as they stray from the road, never to be seen again.

[edit] Skeleton Cave

It is said that on a moonless night, many graves were opened, and many bones stolen. The stench of death rose up, and the empty eyes of a thousands skulls set themselves to seek yet more tombs to befoul. Such was the price of a temple built from the bones of the fallen.

[edit] Somnus Reef

This reef is an area of calm and gentle seas of warm water. On a clear day, one can see to the peaks of Tristis Pass. Care must be taken, however, as swift riptides may carry swimmers to dangerous currents along the ocean floor.

[edit] Giant's Dwelling

This deserted estate once belonged to local authorities. Nobody dares approach it these days, as legends suggest a giant has taken up residence there, lending the place an appropriate name.

[edit] Tristis Pass

A rough path cut through mountains, Tristis is said to be a march of the dead. The road winds through caverns rumoured to glow and eerie blue, from the countless tears shed in grief for the lost.

[edit] Oblivion Ridge

These cliffs were once the site of the local harvest celebration. Now, the fruitful land is withered and barren, and the sounds of laughter have long since died away.

[edit] Argila Swamp

This festering swamp is putrid with decayed leaves from rotten trees. The foul waters have been known to engulf travellers, dragging them screaming toward the abyss.

[edit] Mystery Manor

The subject of local legend, this mansion was the scene of a number of bizarre murders. Supposedly burned down, it has more recently been host to a number of curious incidents...

[edit] Dracula's Castle

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