Relics of Order of Ecclesia

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Relics in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia are special items that can only be found in chests, or given by specific characters that enable certain feats to be performed that allow Shanoa to access areas of levels that she was previously unable reach. Unlike previous installments of the series, where Relics played a major role in determining what areas of the game you could access, meaning the repetoire was much bigger - this title relies on the Glyph System rather than an extensive Relic library.

The six (6) available Relics, their locations, and uses can all be found in the below table;

Name Found Description Use
Lizard Tail default Slide by pressing Down and B Allows Shanoa to slide between small spaces
Ordinary Rock Skeleton Cave Jump a second time while in midair Allows Shanoa to jump twice, reaching higher places
Serpent Scale Lighthouse Move freely underwater Allows Shanoa access to any underwater portion of a level
Glyph Union Barlowe gifts this to Shanoa Combine two Glyphs by Up and Y (X) Combines the Y and X equipped Glyphs to form a more powerful attack
Glyph Sleeve Minera Prison Island Hold A and press L or R to swap Glyphs Allows Shanoa to equip up to three Glyph sets, and swap mid-battle
Book of Spirits Monastery Displays enemy names as you attack Will display the name of the monster most recently struck, in the lower right corner of the screen

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