Rinaldo Gandolfi

Rinaldo Gandolfi
Rinaldo Gandolfi LoI portra.jpg
Full NameRinaldo Gandolfi
(Former Vampire Hunter)
WeaponWhip of Alchemy
Abilities/SkillsKnowledge of Alchemy
AppearancesCastlevania: Lament of Innocence

[edit] Background

Rinaldo Gandolfi is a wise old alchemist and shop owner within the Forest of Eternal Night. He holds a bitter grudge against Walter Bernhard, a Vampire that kidnapped Rinaldo's daughter and turned her into a vampire. Rinaldo set up shop in an area swarming with monsters in order to aid any vampire hunter that passes through. He sells potions and valuable items and offers advice. Impressed by Leon Belmont's bravery and pursuit of Walter, Rinaldo gives the Whip of Alchemy to him.

[edit] Lords of Shadow

Though he is never actually seen, Gandolfi is mentioned several times in Lords of Shadow and is credited as a member of the Brotherhood of Light who is responsible for creating the different upgrades for the Combat Cross. It is unkown wether Gandolfi is alive or not during the events of the game, though given that the mausoleums where he hides his upgrades are in ruins, it is most likely that he has been dead for some time.

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