Ruvas Forest

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[edit] Background

An old, winding road from Wygol Village passes through this wood. Legends whisper that wayfarers lost along this forsaken path will find themselves in another world.

[edit] Walkthrough

This whole level is one vertical road which leads through a forest thats rife with monsters and evil beings. There is no boss in this level as it appears to be just a filler level, so just continue along the path between the trees to the first area.

In this area, watch out as there are a few floating Nominon that will attempt to stay out of your reach, and strike at you when least expected. A few knocks on the head will take them out, easy. Along the way there will also be some Bone Scimitar and Une (which you should watch out for as they can appear out of the ground with no warning, what-so-ever). You should also, at some point, run into a Necromancer that will summon a spawn of Zombies. Be sure to absorb the Fidelis Caries glyph from him and make note that by doing this each time he uses the spell, you will fast track the level of your own Zombie summon! Score!

Move onto the next section and a few Bats will fly your way. Nothing Shanoa can't handle. Take them out, and be sure to dodge the Zombies that are swarming toward you. Along the path there will be a horde of other creatures, none unfamiliar until you come to the Axe Knight. Be sure to absorb a Ascia glyph from a defeated one, as it will definitely come in handy. Head through the skeleton soldiers to the last area of the forest.

Much the same as the other two areas, simply fight your way through the beasts and undead until you come to the exit.

Leave the forest and you'll have 100% completion by defaut.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Treasures

Brown Chest

Green Chest

Red Chest NIL

Blue Chest NIL

[edit] Map

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