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Full NameShanoa
Abilities/SkillsGlyph absorption and combinations
AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Castlevania Judgment

Shanoa is the protagonist in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.


[edit] Background

Shanoa is a member of the Order of Ecclesia, who have come up with a way which they think can defeat Dracula. She joined at a young age, and has been training in combat all of her life. At one stage she lost some of her memories, and has become an emotionless warrior, with special powers.

According to herself, she never smiles. It is unknown as to whether she has always been like this, or if this is a result of the attempt to fuse her with the Dominus magic.

[edit] Appearance

Shanoa is a striking young woman with pale skin and long dark hair. She is of a slender build with a graceful figure and stoic demeanor. She wears a long flowing dress of midnight blue with reversable crimson orange on the opposite side. The dress is cinched around the neck with elegant white lace, and cut long at the base, all the way up to the thigh to prevent any movement restrictions that may have otherwise occured. Adorning her arms and wrists are lengths of the same fabric cut from the dress, which are individual seperate pieces. Over the top of her upper body is a worn piece of metalic plate that encloses the front of her torso, to protect her from the offensive assults of demons against her. It flows down her sides in layered pieces. Upon her feet she wears long greeves that stretch all the way up to just below her thighs which is made of the same material as the breastplate.

Inked upon her skin, always, are the dioramic emblems of the glyphs which harness the power of magic. One can be found upon either shoulder, and the final one is upon her back. All three are revealed to the world, with the fabric of her dress cut in a fashion to make them constantly visible.

[edit] Storyline of Shanoa

[edit] Order of Ecclesia

Adopted into the Ecclesia Order at a young age, Shanoa was trained to have her body play host to the glyph magic that Barlowe was researching in an effort to defeat Dracula. As a young girl, whenever she found herself in a pickle, she would always rely on her childhood friend, Albus, another member of the order, to see her through.

As she grew older, she began to become distant from him as his research took him away from the estate as he became Barlowe's head assistant, and so she threw herself into her training in an attempt to prove herself a worthy vessel of the Dominus Glyph that Barlowe had contrived and deigned would defeat the resurrecting darkness for eternity.

However, on the day that she was due to have the Glyph affixed to her, Albus returned from an assignment unexpectedly to find that she had been the one chosen. She left him to mope in his anger as she ascended the cathedral of Ecclesia to the room where the ritual was to take place. Barlowe greeted her with open arms and enthusiasm and was quick to begin the rites that would bind the ancient magic to her. The ceremony was unexpectedly interrupted, however, when Albus confronted his mentor, and in the following events, stole the Dominus magic for himself. As a result of the interruption, Shanoa blacked out and dropped to the alter floor, out cold. She was able to bear witness only to a moment of Albus' rebellion, watching him retreat with the stolen magic that she had worked so hard to become the vessel of.

[edit] Concept Art/Renders

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