A Vampire supposedly feeding on blood


[edit] Description

A vampire is being that is 'undead' and has to use either someones life force to survive. But half the time people mistake that all vampires need living blood to survive. Vampires are most notable by their front teeth, as half the time their more pointy and sharper. The most well known vampires are Alucard and Dracula, who appears in almost every Castlevania game to date.

[edit] Weakness

Vampires have strong points, and weak points. The most noticed weak point in a vampire is the weakness to sunlight. If a vampire even sets foot in broad daylight, he or she will be instantly struck with a sharp pain, and if the vampire stays in the sun too long, it will burn to a crisp.

[edit] Strengths

Most vampires are stronger than the average human, and have abilities that will benefit them in combat. Some can turn into monsters, and some can turn into wolves and bats.

[edit] Curing Vampirism

In most cases killing the Vampire who bit the victim will cure them.

[edit] Castlevania Appearence

In the Castlevania series, Vampires are usually very powerful boss characters. They usually transform into a fearsome monsters before they can be defeated.

[edit] Vampire Characters

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