Vincent Dorin

Vincent Dorin

Full NameVincent Dorin
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Portrait of Ruin

[edit] Background

Vincent acts as a bit of a guide for the player in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. He is a priest, but also works as a merchant to earn some money. Later in the game he is bitten by a vampire, but it is possible that he can be cured.

[edit] Lords of Shadow

Vincent is the cowardly abbot of Wygol Village in Lords of Shadow. Once a kind man who looked after the people of the village; after the vampires began to attack, Vincent abandoned the people and locked himself away in his abbey with a special weapon used to keep the vampires away. He also filled the abbey with deathtraps to prevent any human intruders from taking away his only protection against the vampires.
When Gabriel reaches Vincent in the tallest tower of the abbey, it appears that he has been slowly losing his mind through fear, and he seems to spend all of his time praying. Vincent is scolded by Gabriel for using the only thing that could save his people for his own personal protection, before Gabriel takes the holy water and leaves Vincent's fate in the hands of the vampires.

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